Instructions for travellers

1)      Make a deal on Suitcase+ website

+ Register your flight and list your availability. Or find packages with a destination that matches yours.
+ Agree on delivery terms and financial compensation with the sender.
+ Proceed to payment.

2)      Timeline

+ Track the status of your package on the Suitcase+ website. Each stage is listed on your virtual timeline: the moment the package was dropped off at the Suitcase+ scanning facility by the sender, when it was scanned, when it will be ready for pick-up, etc.

3)      Package pick-up

+ You will receive a notification when your package is ready for pick-up. The scanned package will be waiting for you at the Suitcase+ desk at the departure airport.
+ Report at the Suitcase+ desk, and present your boarding card and deal number.
+ Enter your pick-up code and receive the package. Depending on your agreement with the sender, either take the package as hand luggage (preferred) or put it in your luggage to be checked in. You have packed your own luggage.

4)      Customs at destination

+ Unless agreed otherwise, you are carrying a package within the maximum import duty allowed. If the import duty form has to be completed, the (declared) value of the package will be within the authorized maximum for the country of destination.
+ So if there are green and red lane options, you can therefore pass through the green lane.
+ In the event of being stopped by customs officials, you can show the package label given to you at the Suitcase+ desk at the airport of departure.
+ At any time, you can contact the 24/7 Suitcase+ helpdesk at +31 6 10555401.

5)      Package delivery

+ Locate the recipient (representative of the sender) in the Arrivals Hall, who will be holding a Suitcase+ sign with your name on it. Or go to the address agreed upon with the sender as the delivery location.
+ Enter the recipient code into you virtual timeline.
+ If the code is correct, you can hand over the package to the recipient. The payment to your bank account will be processed automatically.