Instructions for senders

1)      Make a deal on Suitcase+ website

+ Register your package and list your offer. Or search for available travellers with a destination that matches the destination of your package.
+ Agree on delivery terms and financial compensation with the traveller.
+ Proceed to payment. A commercial invoice for your administration will be automatically generated via de Suitcase+ website.

2)      Package drop-off

+ Deliver the package, or have the package delivered, to the Suitcase+ scanning facility at the airport of departure.
+ The package label will be printed at the Suitcase+ scanning facility and given to the traveller at the Suitcase+ desk.

3)      Track and trace

+ Track the status of your package via your deal number on the Suitcase+ website. Each stage is listed on your virtual timeline: the moment the package was dropped off at the Suitcase+ scanning facility, when it was scanned, when it was picked up by the traveller, etc.

4)      Package delivery

+ Send all relevant documents, including the recipient pin code, to your representative at the destination airport with just one click on the virtual timeline.
+ The package can be delivered either at the destination airport or at an agreed address. If delivery will be in the Arrivals Hall, please ensure the recipient doesn’t forget the Suitcase+ airport sign with the travellers name on it.
+ Provide the traveller with the recipient pin code for verification when the package is handed over.
+ You will receive a notification when delivery has been successfully completed and funds transferred to the traveller.